Rescues We Work With


Animal overpopulation remains a problem throughout the U.S., and pet rescues and animal shelters often struggle to manage the large number of animals they receive. The ASPCA has found that approximately 6.5 million dogs and cats are placed in shelters every year, and about 1.5 million of these are euthanized every year. Fortunately, we are seeing a decrease in animal euthanasia due to an increase in shelter animals being adopted or reunited with their owners, but the rescue work must continue. Our team in Hyde Park understands that more help is always needed, which is why we extend a hand wherever we can to assist these outstanding groups and help make more animals available for adoption.


Our current rescue partner is Hyde Park Cats, an all-volunteer rescue that has helped find loving homes for more than 900 cats. This organization has been making a difference for felines in and around Hyde Park since 2008, and we’re rooting for their continued success. We assist their team by providing essential health care services such as vaccines, parasite control, and spays and neuters.

We invite you to learn more about them on their website, and be sure to visit their Facebook page, too!