Fear Free Methods Offer Low-Stress Vet Care

Anxiety and fear can make veterinary visits difficult, if not impossible, and this could deprive them of essential medical care. Our hospitals in Hyde Park are dedicated to being a positive presence in your pet's life and keeping them healthy for as long as possible. By adopting Fear Free methods into our practice, we hope to minimize anxiety and fearfulness in our patients and maximize their health.

Fear Free in Hyde Park: Man with Dog Giving High Five

Welcoming Pets with Low-Stress Techniques

When welcoming pets to our practice, our goal is to communicate to your pet that they're safe and secure with us. We do our very best to reduce abrupt, loud noises and other things that might trigger anxiety in pets. Some of the strategies we use to make our hospital a more calming place include:

  • Minimizing restraint with special handling techniques that are gentle and accommodate your pet's comfort level
  • Safe, effective medication designed to help your pet relax
  • Dog and cat pheromones to increase feelings of security and familiarity
  • Leading pets and their owners into exam rooms shortly after they arrive so they won't need to sit in the waiting room where there is a lot of activity
  • Treats for positive association and distraction during vaccinations and nail trims
  • Examining pets either on the floor, their owner's lap, or in their carrier (with removable top) where they're more comfortable
  • If sedation is necessary to provide essential care to your pet, we can recommend safe options


Preparing Your Pet: Low-Stress Tips for You

As a pet owner, there are techniques you can use to make veterinary visits a little bit less of a hassle as well. Please call (773) 324-4484 with questions or for more information about what we do to mitigate fearfulness among our patients. We're happy to advise you on preparing your pet for their visit and transporting them to our hospital. In the meantime, check out low-stress tips you can incorporate below.


I highly recommend Hyde Park Animal Hospital and Clinic to anyone looking for a nurturing environment for their pets. The staff is friendly, professional, and provide the best services for animals. Also, the establishment is clean and the staff is always willing to help even over the phone.