We Accept Pet Insurance in Hyde Park

Pet emergencies can happen at any time to any pet. Are you prepared? Prices for emergency vet services can easily reach into the thousands for a few hours of critical care, while chronic conditions can do the same over the course of a few years. These costs can take a toll on your budget, but pet insurance can help. It allows you to budget for smaller costs, including your monthly premium and deductible, while it takes care of the big bills—sometimes up to 90% of the invoice.

pet insurance in hyde park, il

How Does It Work?

Pet insurance is similar to human health insurance where you have a monthly premium, a deductible. You’ll also be responsible for any charges that pet insurance doesn’t cover.

One of the biggest differences between pet and human health insurance is that pet insurance companies do not pay your veterinarian directly. You’ll need to cover the initial costs of care and then file a claim with your insurance company to be reimbursed.

Choosing the Right Plan for You & Your Pet

At Hyde Park Animal Hospital, we accept many different insurance plans, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect one for your budget and your pet’s health.

To help you start researching for the right plan, here are couple of tips:

  • Make sure you understand what is and isn’t covered so there are no surprises down the road!
  • Consider what type of insurance plan you want. Some cover accidents only, others cover all unexpected illnesses and injuries and still others cover wellness care, too!
  • Choose a reimbursement plan that works for your budget. Pet insurance companies can either reimburse you a percentage of the invoice or they may cap reimbursement at a certain amount for each individual condition.

A Glimpse at What’s Out There

Here’s a look at two popular pet insurance companies and what they offer:


  • Trupanion keeps things simple and offers one plan that covers all unexpected illnesses and injuries.
  • You can choose your monthly premium based on a sliding scale that adjusts with your deductible and coverage.
  • Reimburses for qualifying claims are at 90% of your pet’s invoice.
  • Trupanion has no annual reimbursement caps.


  • Nationwide gives you a lot of options with different plans that cover emergencies and/or preventive care.
  • Each plan features a different premium to fit any budget.
  • The type of reimbursement and the amount it covers differs with each plan as well.
  • Be aware that some plans cap at a certain amount each year.

Looking for more information or guidance in choosing a plan? Call us at (773) 324-4484 or ask us at your next appointment!

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